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Duplin County Events Center

Case Study


Revamp the Duplin Events Center brand, logo, website, social media and print media. Create strong marketing and advertising campaigns for not only events open to the public, but also to attract new rental business for the facility. Improve social media presence and consistency.

For years prior, the Events Center in Duplin County had not been used to its full potential.  We worked with the director and tourism department to create an updated logo and branded materials that still represented the county’s roots.  Then we tackled the following:

  • Optimizing their website for both the general public and business-to-business clients, including consistent event updates.
  • Designing and implementing an effective email signup, email marketing program and contesting initiative.
  • A targeted digital media strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and Google that drove traffic to the website.
  • Consistent and effective advertising campaigns for individual events, festivals and concerts.


Ticket sales for several annual events saw significant increase, more than they had seen in years.  Growth in rentals by private individuals, local businesses as well as more concert and public event bookings.  Great positive, consistent feedback from the community.


Print Media

Award winning billboard campaign – “Best Print Media” from the North Carolina Association of Festivals & Events (NCAF&E) Showfest 2020

Website Redesign