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Greenville Pathology

Case Study


Update Greenville Pathology’s brand, website, social media, traditional media and overall B2B sales process.

Greenville Pathology’s consistent challenge is not to be pushed out of the market by their larger competitors. While Dr. William Ballance, CEO and founder, had built a formidable Eastern Carolina business over the last 20 years, he knew Greenville Pathology need a reboot and an improved outside sales strategy. That’s where we came in. A logo redesign, including color change, elevated their overall look and stopped using the same green as a major competitor.  The addition of a new website with defined messaging and branding (plus useful client tools, like online supply ordering) created a solid foundation.

We then tackled outside sales, developing new print pieces, presentations, testimonials and potential client visits. Coupled with our television campaign, this significantly increased Greenville Pathology’s brand awareness and sales.


Additional 8 clients added, leading to a 30% annual increase in sales.


Website Redesign